News from the Prell Lab

Prell Lab presentation coming up at FACSS SCIX Conference

Jesse Wilson will be presenting his research on native IM-MS of α-hemolysin pores at the 2019 FACSS SCIX Conference in Palm Springs, CA (October 13-18), 2019.

Prell Lab presentation at ACS Northwest Regional Meeting in Portland, OR

Sean Cleary gave a talk on Fourier and Gabor Transform-based mass spectrum deconvolution at ACS NORM in June, 2019.


Prell Lab presentation at ASMS 2019

Graduate students Micah Donor, Sean Cleary, Jesse Wilson, and Amber Rolland gave presentations at the ASMS 2019 Annual Conference in Atlanta on calibration and interpretation of Collision- and Surface-Induced Unfolding/Dissociation, Gabor Transform deconvolution of protein mass spectra (including from non-volatile salt buffer solutions), determination of native bacterial pore-forming toxin oligomeric states, and modeling ion compaction on transfer to vacuum using MD simulations and Collidoscope.


New Prell Lab members (summer 2019)

Graduate students Samantha (Sam) Shepherd and Andrew (Andy) Swansiger have joined the Prell lab as of June 2019.

Collidoscope software now available on github (

If you would like to download Collidoscope trajectory method collisional cross section modeling software, please visit our Github page ( We will continue to update the program there with additional features as they become available.

Paper on Fourier Transform harmonic analysis of mass spectra by Sean Cleary accepted by the Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry

In this article, we show how frequency-domain harmonics can be helpful when using Fourier Transform analysis methods for deconvolving highly congested mass spectra. Find the article here. An associated update to iFAMS has been uploaded for free public use on Sean’s Github account (

Jim Prell receives 2018 American Society for Mass Spectrometry Research Award

The Prell group is proud to have received a 2018 American Society for Mass Spectrometry Research Award. This award is generously sponsored by Waters Technologies Corporation.