Introducing “IFAMS v. 1.1”, an Interactive Fourier Algorithm for Mass Spectrometry

The Prell Group is pleased to announce the arrival of IFAMS, v. 1.1, an Interactive Fourier Algorithm for Mass Spectrometry. IFAMS allows users to load a mass spectrum, Fourier transform it, compute the mass of repeated subunits identified for the ion population (e.g., lipids, monomers in polymers, etc.), and plot the mass spectral envelopes of charge-state-specific mass spectra found from the Fourier analysis. Fourier spectra and charge-state-specific mass spectra are automatically saved as csv files for the user to use as desired. The program is coded in Python and is available upon request (please email scleary–AT–uoregon–DOT–edu). This algorithm is based on our recent article in Analytical Chemistry. If you use the algorithm for work that goes into a publication or presentation, please cite the article. Here is a screenshot of analysis of a Nanodisc (discoidal lipid-protein complex containing dozens of lipids and two scaffold proteins) using IFAMS: screen capture of IFAMS v1-1