Useful Links

What is Mass Spectrometry?

American Society for Mass Spectrometry webpage with presentations on the history, function, and applications of mass spectrometry

Williams Reusch’s tutorial (MSU) of basic electron impact mass spectrometry concepts with a few examples worked out

Excellent Powerpoint tutorial from the Macromolecular Structure Group at UCSF on mass spectrometry fundamentals, instrumentation, and intepretation

Fantastic introductory textbook by Igor Kaltashov and Stephen Eyles (UMass Amherst) on mass spectrometry, ion mobility, and allied techniques for structural biology and biophysics


Useful Links for Mass Spectrometrists

Protein Data Bank (Research Collaboratory for Structural Bioinformatics)

Protein Prospector (UCSF)

UniProt (Universal Protein Resource)

MOBCAL ion mobility calculation software (Martin Jarrold group, Indiana U)

WebPSA ion mobility calculation tool (Bowers group, UCSB)

Database of experimental collisional cross sections of biomolecules (David Clemmer group, U Indiana)

Database of experimental collisional cross sections for small molecules, proteins, and protein assemblies (Matt Bush group, U Washington)


Professional Organizations Related to Mass Spectrometry and Chemistry

American Society for Mass Spectrometry

American Chemical Society


University of Oregon Resources

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry homepage

Seminar calendar

Materials Science Institute

Institute of Molecular Biology

Center for Advanced Materials Characterization at ORegon (CAMCOR)

Environmental Health and Safety

Chemical Reuse Database