Come see us at ASMS 2018!

The Prell group will be presenting a couple talks and several posters at ASMS 2018:


Tuesday FTMS Workshop: Demonstration of iFAMS deconvolution software for mass spectra of ions with repeated subunits–The latest version of¬†iFAMS will be available for onsite download.

WOB: Native Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry and Computational Investigation of Surface-Induced Dissociation of Non-Specific Protein Heterodimer Ions


MP: Determining Charge and Mass Information from Extremely Congested Mass Spectra of Large Biomolecular Complexes Using Fourier-Domain Harmonics

MP: Probing the Structural Changes of Biological Complexes with Internal Cavities After Transfer to the Gas-Phase Using Native IM-MS and MD

MP: Characterization of Compositional Heterogeneity in Intact Nanodisc Ions Containing Two Different Types of Lipids using Fourier-Transformed Native Mass Spectra